August 14th, 2016.  I find myself here again, feeling extra sad and extra vulnerable about my marital status, or lack thereof, triggered by the unlikely encounter of a old friend. A friend I used to have a crush on, and his new girlfriend. I wasn’t jealous or anything, but I was jealous and everything. My best friend used this encounter as emotional leverage all day. But why did this guy who had no interest in me affect me so much? I was baffled but this wasn’t new. It’s just how stuff had always been for me. In the middle of the day I received an uncharacteristic idea. What would it look like to be intentionally single for a year? No Tinder and friends, no dating, no flirting on purpose, no unnecessary daydreaming… Intentionally single, for a year. The tinge of uncertainty I felt was met with unanticipated enthusiasm and I thought, fine. Let’s do it! So, here we are chronicling this experience. I’ve been single by most definitions for 22 years, so what’s one more, right?…Right??