Why You Should Take a Chance on the Girl Who’s ‘Never Been Kissed’

Girls who have ‘never been kissed’ or who spent their teenage years not in love  probably spent their teenage years one of two ways. Avoiding the opposite sex, for fear of screwing up royally or under strict parental guidance. No matter which way it happened this girl enters adulthood with a heaping helping of expectations from herself and from everyone else, and a lot of realizations to have.

She probably is not incredibly comfortable around guys, you make her nervous. She doesn’t hate you, she hates annoying butterflies popping up in places they don’t belong, like her stomach.

She probably is looking to catch up on the experiences she “missed out” on during High School. Cute dates, cute cards, flowers, long lingering hugs(yes hugs).

She also, is most likely taking things really slow.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I was the ‘never been kissed’ girl. I didn’t know what to do in a room of attractive heterosexual men, I was super eager to find a boyfriend, but at the same time, I wasn’t going to let some random boy kiss me without working for it- puhlease. This affected a lot of my social interactions and levels of growth. Not in a bad way, but definitely in a confusing way. My only claim to romance was crushing hard on a Troy Bolton looking guy in my class and embarassing myself everytime I spoke to him.

When I got to college there was so much selection that I was certain that I would be in a relationship within the first month of college, I hadn’t figured in how uncomfortable I would be around guys though, and I hadn’t factored in that I could NOT flirt. I just thought it would happen for me, that the right guy would love and pursue me and it would all happen overnight or at first sight. When I got to college I wanted my disney channel moment, and I just didn’t get it. If I sat here and tried to explain every emotion and lesson that followed my inexperience we would be here all day, so i’m just going to segway right into what you came here for. Why you should date the girl who’s “never been kissed”.

The girl who has “never been kissed” will be patient with you. She’ll appreciate the romantic things. She’ll probably get giddy when she see’s you. She will treat you well, she’ll be willing to learn with you, she’ll give you advice,she’ll want to see you succeed, she’ll expect the same from you, and she will challenge you to be great.

Getting to know the girl who has “never been kissed” will be so worth your time. It will be much like starting from the beginning but it will be worth it, because when you love her, and love her earnestly, and love her well she won’t be able to contain the happiness you make her feel.