5 Ways to Have Fun as a Single during Cuffing Season

Y’all it’s cuffing season, and for singles around the world this time of year is…not very fun. Couples walk around holding hands, drinking cocoa, proposing on snowy nights, giggling on ice rinks, bombarding holiday parties!..Even advertisements for cozy blankets and chic winter styles turn into advertisements for “things to buy for him/her” and the saturation of all environments with mistletoes is insane. Like, can’t you hang up fresh garland? Aren’t mistletoes expensive?

I’m mostly kidding, but being single this time of year can feel kinda lonely, so as the veteran single girl. <- That’s sad, I’m never using that again. As the writer of this blog, i’m going to share five ways to have a joyful, single, winter season… no S/O, or winter fling necessary.

  1. Go and drink all of the hot beverages, and look like you came out of a magazine with your mittens and earmuffs, and steamy cocoa.  Do you see the joy in these people’s faces as they drink their hot beverages in peace? Yea, you do. And people don’t interrupt your beverage bliss when you look like that either…just saying. You might wanna do this as often as possible.

    2. Read a new book. Cuffing season for me, is also midterm and final season. Isn’t it nice that those two highly emotional seasons run side bcool-reading-books-factsy side? So nice. In the midst of all of that madness, nine times out of ten I don’t have time to read, not even my textbooks. But if I cut Facebook from my daily agenda, I could finish a book a week and wake up smarter everyday! Here’s the thing, reading has some serious benefits. It can increase your vocabulary, improve your ability to focus, improve your memory…the possibilities are endless, and great. Why not spend your time doing something that cool? YOu know, Oprah reads… and she’s Oprah. So, you know.


 3. Go try something new! Go to a haunted house with some friends, or go to some networking mixers, and holiday parties. Learn how to ice skate. Go swimming while the local rec pools aren’t too full, take advantage of all of the free art galleries, restaurant specials, and baked goods. Make some more friends, join a book club! Y’all the amount of parties and free things that happen in the winter are overwhelming. Take advantage of that! If you’re going it alone though, be safe. Let someone know where you are, who you will be with…etc.  But do something fun!

4. Pamper yo-self. I think that a lot of the time there is an assumption that single women choose not to “groom” themselves in the winter. Like, you don’t have to shave therefore you don’t, you don’t need to wear makeup, so you don’t… ya-da ya-da… I know that there are a lot of things wrong with that concept but I hear it quite a bit from my boo’ed up friends. “At least you don’t have to shave!” Well, it’s true, I don’t have to, I mean… you don’t either but, if I want to I do. Winter is a time to treat your body like you treasure it, inside and out, you know? Vegetables now come in all of these delicious soups, fall nail colors are out, and what feels better than a hot shower at the end of a cold day? Very few things, with no matchy color schemes to cater to, and no pressing dates with your shaving razor, you can go wild.

5. Finally, spend some time giving back. During winter there are an abundance of volunteer opportunities and clothing drives. Giving back is something that’s wonderful all of the time, but winter is a good time to try it out if you haven’t already. Organizations like, Angel Tree force you to consider someone else’s needs above your own by picking out a good gift for a kids whose parent, or parents may be incarcerated. At your local soup kitchens you can learn about life from people who may view it differently from you. There are so many cool opportunities to spend time considering other people during this season. Try some of them out!

Your winter season should be one that you enjoy. It is literally the season in which natural things are being restored. Trees and plants, and bears:), have all run their cycle  through the year into fall and are getting prepared to bloom. You need time too, you’re in the process of blooming. Keep preparing, get more comfortable with yourself, drink lots of hot beverages, treat yourself, appreciate where you are, how you’ve grown, reflect on where you want to be, and enjoy the season.

There’s this cool bible verse about preparedness too, which we’ll talk about more later, but long story short. The guests (virgins) who were prepared by bringing extra oil did not have to go find more oil, so they were ready when the bridegroom came to get them, they just went to celebrate. One of the morals of this story is to be ready ahead of time for what you expect to come.

Matthew 25:1-46 ESV 

“Then the kingdom of heaven will be like ten virgins who took their lamps and went to meet the bridegroom. Five of them were foolish, and five were wise. For when the foolish took their lamps, they took no oil with them, but the wise took flasks of oil with their lamps. As the bridegroom was delayed, they all became drowsy and slept. …

Til next time!



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