The Deets

Yo! Wasabi? (What’s Up?) My name is Renee, I’m a Senior and I study Music and Political Science. Last August I made a commitment to myself to be intentionally single for an entire year. Intentionally Single meaning…single, and not looking for a boyfriend. I’ve been single for 23 of my 23 years but since I was old enough to comprehend relationships, I’ve been single and “looking”, Ok, Maybe not actively looking all of the time, but definitely not..not looking. To me, in the past few years singleness has begun to feel less like a blessing and more like… a non-blessing. I see my friends in budding relationships and begin to feel discontent and lonely. Then, I just go looking. At this point the looking isn’t even happening to the benefit of anyone else, it’s like… just looking, not looking for a relationship but looking for trouble basically… and it never turned out particularly well (read-broken relationships, strained friendships, and guys having my number who have no business with my number). I resolved in August after some hurt feelings that essentially, this dating scene wasn’t for me. Not right now anyway. I came away with this… My relationship status should not dictate my level of contentment or happiness. That’s not healthy.  It reinforces this idea that I need someone else to be content, and that’s simply not the case. In this time, I should be focusing on loving myself. On getting to know me, what I like, what I don’t like, what I am capable of etc. That’s the important stuff, and I know that in the future that will contribute to a much more healthy relationship if i’m not relying on a man to make me happy. Plus it’s not fair to put your happiness in the hands of one person. That’s again, just not healthy. Haha. So, If you’re down follow me on this journey as I practice contentment this year.